Supporting the Olympic Mission to build a better world through sport.

Since 2015, VML has been working with the International Olympic Committee to develop marketing programs to manage the Olympic brand globally, across regions, cultures, and sports to keep the Olympic values front of mind whether the Olympic Games are on or not.

Case study

By living Olympic values, together we can change the world.

The International Olympic Committee stands for so much more than the Olympic Games: it promotes a vision of hope for a better world. In a global, integrated campaign leading up to the Olympic Games Rio 2016, we reminded the world that the Olympic Games are not just an event, but a mindset that can make a positive difference in our communities and that can inspire a new generation of young people to change the world through sport. 


In the eyes of the world, the Olympic spirit equals the Olympic Games equals competition between elite athletes. How can we translate the Olympic spirit into how people engage with each other and the world every day? 


In a series of four films, we brought Olympic values to life through the actions of athletes, both on the Olympic stage at the Games and in everyday communities. To take a global action towards a better world, we invited everyone to share the message of peace and solidarity that the Olympic Games represent using the #OlympicPeace hashtag.


The campaign films were shown on donated airtime nearly 22 thousand times in 44 countries around the world. The campaign received 155 million impressions across social media and the hashtag was used over 19 thousand times including well-known personalities.