Using technology to find the ultimate fit.

SKINS offer a range of scientific compression garments that enhance the performance of sports men and women. There are two different series that SKINS want to demonstrate and sell to the sporting world, the 200 series and the 400 series.
VML have been engaged for the delivery of a digital kiosk Fitting Station to be used as an interactive sales tool within the SKINS flagship stores, also with the potential to broaden their reach through placing these digital kiosks with their reseller’s stores.

Quick Fit Station


SKINS have a large, global footprint and were first to market (and dominate) with performance “SKINS” but faced an ever increasing bombardment of competitors entering the market with similar products at much lower prices.  VML was challenged to create a digital installation in-stores to help fit, educate and differentiate the skins premium position compared to the multitude of other brands now sitting beside them.


To create a Quick Fit Station that could automatically fit you with the perfect pair of skins via an array of high-tech sensors, and then provide an engaging brand experience to showcase the SKINS differentiation, features and product benefits to customers in-store, while ensuring that we stand out from our competitors.


Since the installations were deployed to the first 3x stores, we have seen a staggering 35% increase in sales month on month/year on year.