We don’t take the word “innovation” lightly. Perhaps that’s why we’ve got Microsoft Gold Certified Software Vendor (ISV) accreditation with more than 170 coders, architects and engineers on staff. Skilled in Java, .NET, PHP, C++, Flash and Silverlight, they can build anything — campaign sites, enterprise-level CMS implementations, iPhone/iPad applications, Facebook applications and custom software.  

Smart is beautiful.

What we do is simple. Elegant. And just works. After all, a solution is only a solution if it solves a problem. That’s why we take time to listen and assess before we ever think about design and deployment. This thoughtful consideration is written into the DNA of every technology leader we employ. With their guidance, we apply that thinking to everything we do.


The right solution by design.

As every client knows, digital strategies are often moving targets. So we start by evaluating your current state from business process to technology, and then try to nail the ideal target through a blend of common sense and blue-sky thinking. Developing and executing this plan takes knowledge in both foundational and platform technologies. Together, they let us create the ideal solution. Every time.


A perfect fit.

As confident as we are in what we deliver, we’re equally confident in the partnerships we’ve forged over time. Proven over time, our established strategic relationships with many of the leaders in software, hardware and other technology solutions providers help ensure we’re able to continue to offer best-in-class technical solutions for our clients.

What we do:

  • Commerce and sales automation
  • Web content management
  • Content optimization, search and analytics
  • Social computing and monitoring
  • Mobile optimization
  • Localization
Skins Quick Fit Station for the Ultimate Fit

VML created a Quick Fit Station that, through high-tech sensors, would automatically fit you with the perfect pair of Skins.

Quick Fit Station