Let’s put the argument about digital versus traditional aside for a moment. A smart idea is a smart idea. No matter if it came from a broadcast vet or a digital native. So if you partner with an agency that happens to be digital first with some major traditional know-how across the board, well, then you’ve got yourself a force to be reckoned with. That’s what we’ve built at VML: a creative group positioned to help brands solve problems and grow in today’s world. 


The challenge: Create interest around an idea nobody wants to hear. Consumption patterns have moved beyond passivity to engagement. They’ve shifted from campaigns to content. But people are still inherently human (at least we hope so). And what makes them respond is an idea that’s smart, useful and entertaining, or simply, beautiful. Maybe even all of those.


We study the strategic thinking, dig into the brand information and zero in on insights. Then we brainstorm. We think aloud. We say, "What if" a lot. We whiteboard. Talk. Snack. Erase. Sometimes we even sleep on it (a little). Whiteboard some more. Talk more. Snack more. In the end, we’ve determined how best to define or differentiate our clients.


It’s this collaborative combination of talking-whiteboarding-snacking that leads us to a smart idea that we work over until it’s effortless and integrated, a natural part of the brand expression. And above all, is interesting. Maybe even mind-blowing. Certainly a joy to watch, read, hear and participate in. Because asking someone to open his or her wallet is a proposition that should come with a reward.

What we do:

  • Creative direction
  • Art direction and visual design
  • Copywriting
  • Campaign development
  • Social media content
  • Branding

Integrated Production

A lot goes into making a smart idea come to life. It takes people, planning and intelligence. So we assembled an integrated production team that brings all of it together in-house. Our Motion Graphics Designers and Producers work directly with our Creatives, Channel Planners and Technologists. In this way, we’re more efficient and responsive, and our production process is seamlessly integrated. This also gives us the external connections to directors, photographers and industrial designers. Even the best craft service.

What we do:

  • Art buying
  • Production
  • Motion graphics
  • Directing

Branded Content

Branded content makes brands more interesting, moving advertising away from interruption to engagement. It’s entertainment met with brand, distributed through non-traditional channels.  Simply put, it’s a way to get people to spend more time with your brand. The more time they spend, the more likely they’ll become loyalists.


Online films, webisodes, videos and online games — we see them as the art of engagement. To create ideas that get noticed, talked about, shared and multiplied through social and emerging media.

What we do:

  • Brand storytelling
  • Branded entertainment
  • Content development
Helping Dell Help Small Business

VML created a series of online films to tell the Dell story through the words and emotions of their customers.

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G Series FIT Launch

Creating a digital ecosystem to educate fitness athletes on Gatorade's new G Series FIT.

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